Be smart like an elephant

Elephants may be big friendly giants but they are also smart cabinets. They have the largest brain of any land animal.

They can identify languages
Elephants are known to be able to distinguish differences in the sound of someone’s voice. For instance, if that human voice appears to be threatening elephants would become more defensive.

They mourn the dead
Elephants have been observed reacting to deaths with their family group, displaying characteristics of grief and mourning. They have been observed standing near the body of the deceased for a long time and may even try to bury the remains.

They can use tools
Elephants can be rather dexterous. They have been seen digging holes for water, and use sticks to scratch themselves with.

They have long memories
Yes, elephants really can remember things, such as routes back to watering holes however long away they are. This is quite incredible when the route is over stretches of desert. They know where to find a variety of foods at certain times of the year.

Elephants can show empathy
Elephants have been observed using gentle touches to console elephants who are upset, not known in other animals.

Elephants are self aware
Finally, elephants can show signs of self-awareness, for instance, by recognising themselves in a mirror.

Elephants have a unique array of intelligent characteristics that make them wise and gentle. True role models in any society. Why not pick up a gift from our store to bring that wisdom to your home.