The male elephant as friend and teacher

With Fathers’ Day approaching let’s look at the male elephant. In the elephant family the bull plays a largely functional role, that of increasing the elephant population in his territory.

Up to the age of 8 years the males stay with their mother and her herd and actively participate in the family. As they play, they begin to understand their own strength and learn the skills they will need to use as older males.

As adolescents they begin to establish their own identity. They play with other bulls and learn the rules that prepare them for adulthood. These include lessons on his social standing within another group of bulls.

Eventually, they leave their mother's care and form a bachelor band with other bulls. The group will travel in search of food, water, and receptive females with whom to mate. The males frequently split to travel alone, or to join other groups. But they stay as leaders, they will can also teach young ones mischievous habits.

Whilst they can be aggressive they also have friendships, and are both leaders and patient teachers. This makes them great role models.

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