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What elephants mean to us

Having an elephant on jewellery conveys special meaning: the combination of good luck, strength and patience.  There are beliefs surrounding this leviathan which make it an ideal good luck charm. 

In Asian culture the elephant is respected for its strength and loyalty and also for bringing good fortune. In particular, within the Hindu religion the elephant can be found embodied in the Ganesha deity, a symbol of intelligence and wisdom. Ganesha, as one of the most well-known deities, is worshiped for good luck. In my religion, Christianity, elephants are recognised for their patience and loyalty. Chinese culture values elephants for their good luck and longevity. Whilst, in western culture, an elephant with an upward trunk has a meaning of good fortune and loyalty.


Elephants are characterised in the media for their strength and long memory. As one of the largest animals on earth it is an enduring creature rather than a fast one, emphasising the importance of patience in our lives to reach our goals. It is hard to find any negative symbolism with elephants - they are big, friendly souls, known in many cultures as 'lucky elephants.'

Keeping an elephant close to you, such as on jewellery, is a means of bringing good luck.  Having a charm, ear ring, necklace or bracelet with an elephant theme is a way of drawing in good luck and pushing away misfortune. 


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