Why do we like elephants so much

We love elephants because their families can be very human-like; for instance, they communicate with each other. They also have other traits we love.

Elephants are sociable. Elephants get on very well with humans and can form close relationships with us. Even after conflicts between each other they will reconcile.

Elephants have long memories. Like us they can form close attachments and, if apart for a long time, they can, when reunited, be emotional.

They’re different. Elephants are fairly unique. They have a trunk and tusks.
They are intelligent. Unlike many other animals, elephants can recognise themselves when looking into a mirror. They also have the intelligence to relate to us humans.

They are big friendly giants. They really don’t know their own size and are known to be scared of tiny creatures. Large they may be but they are actually gentle beings.

They stick together. Elephants bond as a family. They do not abandon each other. Their loyalty is a sign of their intelligence and how loving they are.

The way they communicate. Just like us humans they can communicate through sight, smell, sound, and touch. They can also point with their trunks which shows how intelligent they can be.

They have emotions. Elephants can hug by putting their trunks in each other’s mouths; they use physical touch to offer comfort. Like humans they have also been known to mourn their dead loved ones.

Just like human babies with their thumbs, baby elephants suck their trunks.

Elephants are truly lovable and human-like. Why not bring that love into your home with some of our elephant-themed gifts. Visit our store for ideas.